Friday, April 5, 2013

A Poem That Touched My Deep Heart

I tried to talk to her; she’s busy
I tried to talk to him; he’s away
I tried to talk to them; they never know me
I was upset
I was frustrated
I was sad

But then
I remember
Why should I feel upset?
Isn’t He who is always there?
Because He is Al-Hayyu and Al-Qoyyum
Isn’t He who knows me BEST?
Because He is Al-A’leem and Al-Hakeem
Isn’t He who is the BEST LISTENER?
Because He is Al-Samee’

me and Him
I am nothing, but an imperfect servant
I am nobody, but a forever learner 
I am no one, but a preserving peace-seeker

me and the world
I am a someone as I am a Muslim(Submitter) 
I am a somebody as I am a Mu'min (believer)

My dignity and my strength,
My love and my passion 
are all gathered 
in His Power and Mastery
I Believe I Trust 
merely in His authority 

O Allah, show me the true Path..
So, I raise my hand
And I talk to HIM and disclose my feeling
So, I take the Love Letters HE gave me
And I read what He has said to me
So, I take the praying mat
And I bow myself to HIM

Oh my...
I feel free, I feel released 

You are the BEST
You are the GREATEST
All Praises go only to YOU
To You I worship and To You ask for HELP
Thank You ALLAH.

Jumaah Mubarak...^_^

5 April 2013,
5.49 pm,
Pulau Pinang

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